Custom-Made Video Puppet
Custom Professional Puppets

How much does a custom puppet cost?

Each puppet is different and presents its own set of design challenges and materials needs. As such, the pricing on our puppets will vary widely. We are usually able to give ballpark estimates after receiving such details as puppet style, project type (video, film, or stage), costuming, moving parts required, and number of puppets needed either from the same or different design.

How long does it take to create a puppet?
The time frame for delivery of a finished puppet will vary somewhat depending upon the complexity of the design and the workload in our shop. Typical development time is usually at least six weeks for most puppets.

Do you sell stock puppet characters?
We custom create each puppet design to order and do not currently offer stock puppet character patterns. This may change in the future as we receive requests for puppets. Please check back with us.

How do you work from a distance?
Much of our design and construction work is done from a distance. Using e-mailed photos and sketches we are able to easily consult with the client on all of the necessary design elements. When we finish a puppet we ship by whatever carrier the client prefers.

Who owns the copyright and the patterns for the puppets you create?
The client usually retains copyright ownership for the puppets we create for them. We will retain possession and ownership of the physical patterns, molds, or other items that we used to produce the character, but we will never use, nor allow anyone else to use or to access those designs without the copyright owner's written permission. If at any time in the future the client would like additional copies of the characters, we can reproduce them from those patterns.

Can you make character suits (walk around puppets)?
Yes. We can create character suits to your specifications or custom design them for you from the ground up.

Manufactured Puppets and Plush

What kinds of puppets and toys can get mass produced?

Just about anything you might have in mind. Most commonly, we are asked about finger puppets, hand puppets, and stuffed plush dolls. There is really no size too small or large. Most hand puppets are in the 8" - 14" range and plush dolls are often about 7" - 10," but we have been asked for larger 24" "waist up" puppets and 36" full body puppets as well. One of the factories we work with can also mass produce giant, oversized, plush toys if that's what you are looking for.

What is the minimum or maximum order?
We don't have an absolute set minimum order, however, typically mass production begins to make the most economic sense at about 500 pieces and prices begin to drop off rather dramatically as quantities go up. If you have a question as to whether production in quantities of less than 500 will work for your product, please give us a call and we'll find out. No quantity is too large. Our factories are capable of producing hundreds of thousands of pieces if necessary.

How much do prototype samples cost?
We charge a small fee, usually between $250 and $500, to create a prototype puppet or plush doll for your approval. If you decide to place an order for manufacture, this sample fee is fully applied toward the costs of your order. Initially, photos of the prototype from multiple angles are e-mailed to the client for comments. We will modify the prototypes until they look right in photos and then the physical sample can be sent to the client for final approval prior to beginning production. The sample fee includes all necessary modifications and international shipping costs.

How long does the first prototype sample take to complete?
Once we have a design drawing to reference, we can typically get the prototype sample constructed in 2-3 days. If a design is fairly well fleshed out on paper, or is based on a puppet or plush that already exists, it is possible to have a photo-approved sample entering production in less than a week.

Where is the factory?
We use a few different factories in China, depending upon the particular project.

How long does it take to get the product to me?
Most puppet and stuffed plush orders take about 30 days in production after sample approval. This can occasionally be shorter or a little longer depending on the design and quantities of a particular order. Shipping times can be 2 to 3 weeks for ocean freight, though air shipment at additional cost is also an option for rushed items. All told we recommend allotting 6-8 weeks for standard delivery. During certain times of the year, usually in late spring and early summer, the factories can be very busy fulfilling the next season's holiday orders. This may add a bit of time to sample construction and production runs.

Are rush orders possible?
Yes. As an example, we recently approved a sample, produced 1500 puppets, and shipped by air to a client in NY -- all in 10 calendar days. Pricing for severe rushes will likely be higher for a few reasons including air freight, international priority shipping, and factory design and overtime labor costs.

How much does all this cost?
As you can imagine there is quite a variance in price per piece depending upon the design and quantities produced. Differences in pricing by only a few cents can add up over an order of a few thousand pieces and hence we are always striving to offer you the most competitive price possible without compromising quality in the production process. We will give you a free, no obligation quote on your project. Frequently, we can analyze a design and give you a ballpark range of pricing in a day or less.

How about shipping costs, tariffs, and customs fees?
We usually include all duties, customs clearance, and transportation from the factory to your front door, in our per piece price to you . If for some reason you prefer to handle shipping through your own carrier, we can also quote you a price without all of the above.


I've seen some interesting puppets on your website. Where can I learn more about the projects they were used for?
Go to our Client Links page for information on a few of our clients' projects and links to their websites.

Can you consult on the puppetry aspects of our production?
We are available to consult and offer direction for your projects involving puppetry. Please contact us for information on consultation fees.

Do you do any of your own puppet productions?
We are working on putting together some original video projects -- stay tuned!

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